Tonight, all I'm doing is reading what I've ever written, kinda fun to remember those things :D
And here are what I think when reading:

o> It was July 28th 2010, the first time we had a talk, a short talk.

o> what a coincidence!
I've just realzed that 511 is the number of your room in Hotel Madani.
and it also stands for my birthday 5-11, November 5th.
wow :O

o> So, that night was August 3rd 2010, I still remember it well, unforgettable one.
I can't even forget how I actually wanted to stay there and keep talking with you.

o> Another unforgettable night, August 4th 2010, the night you confessed the thing about you.
I actually couldn't understand it at first, but then I could. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to stay and keep seeing you.

o> The night I could widely smile :D, August 5th 2010, it was all fun.
one thing I regret, I shouldn't have slept early that I lose a nice chance -_-

o> August 6th 2010, being with you all day, many good things happened.
and still there's a thing I regret, I shouldn't have called him, I shouldn't have ignored you.

o> August 7th-8th 2010, saaad :'( I regret many things, I should've say goodbye directly that morning.
you should've kept sitting beside me.

(See, I regret many things. tapi pasti akan lain ceritanya kalo beberapa hal tidak terjadi.
Sekarang masih agak sesak kalo ingat, tapi mulai bisa menerima deh.
Mungkin sebenarnya sesak karna harus menyimpan ini sendiri, ingin berbagi tapi entah dengan siapa.
Cuma aku sendiri deh yang tahu)


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