Menampilkan postingan dari Maret, 2012


Tonight, all I'm doing is reading what I've ever written, kinda fun to remember those things :D
And here are what I think when reading:

o> It was July 28th 2010, the first time we had a talk, a short talk.

o> what a coincidence!
I've just realzed that 511 is the number of your room in Hotel Madani.
and it also stands for my birthday 5-11, November 5th.
wow :O

o> So, that night was August 3rd 2010, I still remember it well, unforgettable one.
I can't even forget how I actually wanted to stay there and keep talking with you.

o> Another unforgettable night, August 4th 2010, the night you confessed the thing about you.
I actually couldn't understand it at first, but then I could. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to stay and keep seeing you.

o> The night I could widely smile :D, August 5th 2010, it was all fun.
one thing I regret, I shouldn't have slept early that I lose a nice chance -_-

o> August 6th 2010, being with you all day, many good t…

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