haha, setelah kemarin2 posting yg singkat2 (kaya apdet status), sekarang mau ngetik yang agak panjang deh..

Well, I dunno where to start, so just let it flow lah yaa :)

the most important thing happening early this month is my birthday on 5th..

Quoting Dee's song, Grow A Day Older :
'...I'm thankful for this moment 'cause I know that I grow a day older...'

yup, everyday I grow a day older, hope it's not only the growth but also the maturity :D

thanks buat everyone for the gifts, I love them all guys :D
and, especially for him who made my day (mungkin dia tidak sadari itu) ^^

baiklah, cukup about my b'day..
lanjut about hal lain deh yaa..

Minggu ini baru ulangan biologi dan bahasa Indonesia, semoga hasilnya baik deh.
Masalahnya, my physics test result was surprisingly shockin' me! Really bad :(
sudahlah :(

well, I dunno what else to write..

Ah, I remember that the moon is good to see tonight :D
I wish you could see it there ^^
take care, break your limit :D

oke, segitu dulu dah yaa :D


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