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Dapet tugas buat speech dari Mrs. Aluna, here is mine :

Speech – Teenagers, Catch Your Dreams!

Have you ever remembered what you would said if someone asked you what you wanted to be at future when you still used white-red uniform? Being a teacher, doctor, or police, perhaps? Then now, when you’re using your white-grey uniform, are you still answering the same? Maybe yes, maybe no. But most teenagers cannot easily answer that question. They have to think first, or mostly say that they don’t know. That’s because they’re still trying to find out who they really are. But some of them can answer that question. That’s what every teenager is supposed to be.

Many things have changed as time goes by, included dream. Everything we see, read or listen can increase our knowledge, included about our dream. So, it’s possible that we have different dreams than what we ever dreamt when we was younger.

Actually, how is dream like? Why we as teenagers need to have dreams?

Dream is something about ourselves next several years. It’s something we really want to catch and reach. It’s something that can keep us on moving forward to be a better one. As many people say, put your dream high in the sky. The question is that the sky is so high, so how can we reach it?

Well, whoever we are, we can have our own beautiful dreams, we can dream to be the most famous people, a good scientist, a good entrepreneur or whatever we want to. So, keep your dream although many people think that your dream is too high to catch. Because by dreaming, we can always keep on moving to be a better one.

Now is the best time for us, teens, to start catching our dreams. Don’t you know that the power of dream can increase our spirit to catch it as hard as possible? We absolutely know that as teenagers, our spirit is still on fire. It will be good for us to improve it in positive things helped by the power of dream.

Many people can get success started by dreaming. Although many others failed too. Just don’t let those things make us give up. Although it means that catching our dreams is not easy, don’t let it make us think to be a monotonous people. It’s just depend on our effort to catch it. Everyone can have their own dreams, but dream a big one is a choice.

For teenagers, there are several ways in catching our dreams.

First, choose a dream we like. There’s no limitation in choosing your dream, but it’s so much better to choose the one we do really like. That’s because we’ll be stronger in facing problems that always come. We’ll also be more diligent to increase our effort to catch it.

Second, dream a big dream.

Many people end as a monotonous people or do monotonous job just because they’re afraid to dream a big dream. Actually, every human is born with big potent and amazing talent. Which limits their ability is just their own thought. Everything we do and every decision we make are determined by what we think. So, if we think we can’t, that will really happen. Why? If we think we can’t we will not have effort to improve ourselves, we don’t have will to try, to take a step to star realizing our dreams. As the results, everything will be stopped when we think we can’t. What we’re supposed to do is to be brave to dream a big dream and always having positive thoughts.

In the other hand, if we have big dreams and believe in ourselves to catch it, there will be a door that opens up wide bringing us to our dream. So we need to ensure ourselves that we can. Don’t ever be pessimistic, we need to be optimistic.

Beside, don’t forget to be focus on one dream. It’s possible that the more things we know, sometimes can make us want many things. Too much dreams will make us hard to catch them. Every day we decide to do things which make us closer to our dream. As time goes by, we’ll be closer to our dream. So be patient, teens.

Next we have to do something real to catch our dream. Wishing on miracle that our dream will come true without our effort is impossible. Dream without effort is useless. But, doing something without destination is also useless because it’s not good. We have to make strategy and plan to reach our dream. So, start it from now!

So teens, start dreaming and catch them from now to make us be a better one!


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